Do you fear mud puddles on walks, afraid to take your dog out after a rainy day? do you curse the gods when your dog throws himself down in the dirt and wiggles with joy, only 2 days after his expensive wash and groom.? Are post walk muddy paws the bane of your existence? Does the thought of the carpet and couch clean-up, damper your ability to truly enjoy your dogs fun while wallowing in a dirt bath?

Well your worries are over. Now just bring your dog over to VIP and we will clean him up lickity-split, while you wait. As opposed to our full service baths, which usually requires you to leave your dog for the better part of a day, this bath is quick and efficient with no reservation required. After your walk, take a moment for yourself, grab some yummy liquid at Philz and think about what you are going to do with all of your extra free time now that you won’t have to wrestle with your dog and the tub and the towels and the clean-up when you get home. Before know it, your dog will be done and you will be on your way.

This is not meant to replace your monthly full service bathing but to compliment it. We will wash your dog twice as always; once for the skin and once for the fur, using our premium shampoos and give your VIP (very important pet) a blueberry facial. Then we will check the eyes and ears do a quick but efficient towel dry and minimal brushing.

The Lickity-split bath will start at $25 and go up to $60 depending on your dog. Money well spent for your peace of mind.

So say yes to mud puddles and dirt bathes, bring on the rain and the full body earthy wiggles. Laugh out loud at your dogs dirty endeavors paying no mind to the after math. Just leave the clean up to us and the VIP New Lickity-Split bath.

NOW OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please read through our new protocols HERE before booking