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Staff & Training

Lancy Woo

Lancy Woo




Training and mastering technique at VIP Grooming

Dog grooming is an art form.  This really is a business where  you have to love the animals and love the work because it is so physically demanding and emotionally challenging.  To be effective and connect with the animal you must come from your heart, always keep your cool and never lose your sense of aesthetic.

We often joke about what has come to be known as “The Way of the Woo” but I truly believe that what sets me and my shop apart is that I always try to come from a zen-like place of love and connection when I work and I train my staff to do the same.  It is not just about the work done but the space that we are creating with the animals and each other as we work.

At VIP staff training is not just about procedure and technique, but also about understanding animal behavior and mastering dog handling and control.  I personally train all of my staff and we are constantly learning and growing, perfecting our skills and techniques.

I have successfully trained many employees (past and present) to be complete in bathing, drying, brushing, clippering and scissoring.   I make certain everyone knows how to safely handle and work with all dogs from geriatrics to puppies, large breeds to small breeds, high energy to slow moving by utilizing calming and controlling techniques.

At VIP we operate as a family and I consider VIP to be a family business.  I treat my employees with respect and kindness and generosity and expect hard work and dedication in exchange.  Over the years many of our clients and their dogs have become like family as well.  We strive to quickly know each animal, their tendencies, needs, likes, dislikes etc.  We treat each animal with the love and respect that we afford our own pets and enjoy watching them grow and develop throughout the years.


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