Ok this part is a little tricky as I don’t have standardized pricing but determine the price based on the work and time involved in caring for your specific pet.  In general our prices range between $35 and $100 for bathing only and between $60 and $120 for bathing plus hair cut. What I can guarantee is that our prices are extremely reasonable given the amount of labor and love we put into each animal.

Special note to new customers:

Please realize that we are a small shop and are somewhat limited in space and capability. We do not want to ever compromise our service, which occasionally means we may not be able to accommodate new customers.  Also we know that we are not equipped to properly deal with the coats of certain breeds and some breeds just don’t work well in our open environment.  Please do not take it personally if we refer you to another groomer, we are simply trying to provide you with the best option for your dog.

24-hour cancellation policy

Due to our popularity and high demand for appointments, we are setting in place a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you are not going to show up for your appointment we need to know 24-hours ahead, so we can fill your slot. VIP has so many clients that need appointments, its important that we fill all of our appointments and that they all show up. Thus, we are enforcing a no show fee which will be half the price of your grooming cost.


(eventually we will add a more specific price list here according to breed)

NOW OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please read through our new protocols HERE before booking