Mission Statement

Mission Statement

A message from owner Lancy Woo

Lancy WooAt VIP it is our mission to provide the best and most thorough dog grooming services available in a fun and loving environment.

When I took over ownership of VIP I wanted to be the best shop in town.  Not only by providing exceptional service but also by creating a fun and loving atmosphere for the animals.  I wanted to create a family; a place where everyone loved coming to work and everyone felt taken care of, a place where pet owners felt known and where they knew their animals were being cared for by loving hands.  I believe I have created this at VIP.

I have been a Bay Area groomer for over 20 years and truly love what I do.  It is a privilege to work with animals in such an intimate and loving manner.  I have lots of training and skill but I think what sets me apart is that everything I do, I do from the heart.  VIP is not just my job it is my passion.  It is important for me to know that I am making a difference in the life of every dog that enters my doors.

EVERY DOG DESERVES A DAY!  VIP is a day spa for dogs and we are all about the dogs!  Imagine your self at a spa: it is serene and peaceful, there is gentle music barely audible in the background, you are resting calmly with cucumber wedges over your eyes…  now imagine your dog there… bored out of his mind right!  I wanted to create an atmosphere that would be fun and inviting to your dog.  I had to think about what would be a dogs’ interpretation of a day at the spa.  AT VIP when your dog is not being washed, dried or groomed it wanders around freely, playing with the other dogs, receiving treats and lapping up water, getting pats on the head and belly scratches, leaving nose prints on our window and sometimes barking up a storm.  It is a loud, lively, playful environment. We do not kennel your dog (except for drying purposes) unless he/she shows unmanageable aggression or has special needs.  Our shop is one completely open space so that all procedures can be viewed at all times and so your dog never feels isolated. It is truly a place for dogs.

In addition, at VIP we understand that every dog is unique.  In order to best serve your dog we tailor each treatment to his or her specific needs; choosing the most beneficial combination of shampoos and conditioners and the best techniques for drying and grooming.  (Please read our section on Services for more details).

If you are already a client at VIP we thank you for your patronage.  If are not a client, we invite you to give us a try.  We understand that VIP is not for everyone but if what I have stated here resonates with you, than stop on by.  We are always happy to make new friends and expand our family.

NOW OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please read through our new protocols HERE before booking