Limited Availability in September


September availability

We are excited to announce that Lancy (owner) will be setting off for a two week adventure thru Indonesia September 11-25th! VIP Grooming will be open during this time, but there will be a very limited amount of haircut appointments available. Bath appointments will still resume as usual. Please take this into consideration when booking your appointments during the month of September and plan ahead. We will not be able to accommodate last minute haircut requests during the month of September, but will try our best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

24-hour cancellation policy

Due to our popularity and high demand for appointments, we are setting in place a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you are not going to show up for your appointment we need to know 24-hours ahead, so we can fill your slot. VIP has so many clients that need appointments, its important that we fill all of our appointments and that they all show up. Thus, we are enforcing a no show fee which will be half the price of your grooming cost.

Remodeling the shop

VIP Grooming we will be remodeling the shop! Lancy and the VIP staff is working hard to create a new dynamic modern look to bring the shop into the 2000’s. We are creating a unique look that will reflect our unique grooming style. This undertaking will be happening within the next six months, for the majority of the construction the shop will be open during regular business hours, although there will be a few special dates (TBA) of construction that we will be closed. follow us on Facebook to see these exciting new changes.

love Lancy & The VIP Staff

NOW OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please read through our new protocols HERE before booking